When we are shopping for a new mom gift we always tend to focus on baby gifts and practical things like a survival kit or after labor essentials. Not taking away from the importance of these things in a new mom’s life, but what about treating the new mom with a gift that will make her feel beautiful, cherished and special? We all know it’s hard to feel at your best after giving birth to a small human being and in the mornings after sleep deprived nights.

To make sure you get the new and fabulous mom a gift that will celebrate her in the new and exciting role, we have made our research and proud to present 7 gifts any new mom would be thrilled to receive!

1 Spa & Beauty Care Kit

Pampering the new mom with body care products will mean a lot to her and will be much appreciated. Creating a basket, full with her favorite products, is so essential to the new mom. During pregnancy and after giving birth the body goes through so many changes that continue with the bundle of joy’s arrival. Being so busy caring for a new baby, leaves almost no time for self-indulgence and getting your skin back to balance. So, getting her an all-organic or plant based cream and bath salt will be a great treat!

Blissful Balance offers a wonderful new mom spa kit with therapeutic bath sea salts, lavender soap and nourishing assortment of body care products.

2 Baby & Mommy fun apparel

Customize the new mama a baby & mommy t-shirt and Onesie.  Customize baby’s with ‘I love mommy’ and hers with ‘I love my cub’ or check out this blessed mommy & me matching outfit on Etsy. Mother and baby will wear it in pride on their afternoon or morning strolls in the park!

3 Personalized Name Jewelry

Every new mom wishes to stay trendy and glamorous as she takes her baby on a stroll in the park, runs on errands and after a sleep deprived night. There's nothing better than a small, yet lovely piece that will do just that, make the new mommy glamorous and proud of her new role! We have hand-picked 4 pieces that will bring a tear to the new mommy's eyes and touch her heart-four personalized jewelry pieces to symbolized a precious mommy love. For example, this precious baby feet necklace in sterling silver with baby's birthstone, name and date of birth, speaks of a mother's love louder than words could ever express

Or this classic yellow gold & diamond name bracelet, because a mother's bond is as precious and unique as a diamond

Curved Bar name necklace for the mommy who has classic style

The Carrie name neckace is another wonderful option, because every mommy wants to be stylish and trendy with her little one

4 One Line a Day- a five year Memory book

The first moments are the most special. Every gesture, smile, new facial expression, the first moments shared together, first stroll in the park, bath, nap, trip and so many first time experiences to cherish and write in a wonderful memory book. You can find a wonderful paperback or diary styled book on Amazon and the new mom will be thrilled to put on paper one moment a day with her precious baby.

5 Tasty Food Basket

Treat the new mom with a few of her favorite dishes all cooked by you! The new and busy mom will thank you from the bottom of her heart for this marvelous gesture. Being a new mom, especially for those first few weeks and at times, months, almost never leaves any time for the new parents to cook. So preparing and delivering some home cooked meals will be a life saver for the new parents trying to adjust to a new routine!

6 Breastfeeding Basket

A new mom wants to feel and look wonderful at all times and situation. With a trendy breastfeeding scarf and patterned essentials, she will feel exactly that during this special time. Buccio Baby offers a wonderful breastfeeding basket that the new mom will absolutely love, available on Etsy.

 7 Mommy Transformation Bag

A new status calls for new accessories! Get the new mom a trendy and fun make-up bag that will let everyone know she is one stylish mom and will be perfect to store a few make-up essentials. This bag can be a great option and it is available on Etsy.

There might be only 7 items on this list, but trust me they have been selected carefully and I promise you they have been listed as winners by new moms around the world, even by Hollywood’s darlings as Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and royalty like Katherine Middleton!

Don’t forget to congratulate the new mom from us!